Gilad Is Back..

Posted: أكتوبر 18, 2011 by Ahmad M. Yassine in إسقاط النظام
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Ahmad M. Yassine

I chose to write in english this time about Palestine not Arabic as usual, as I’m seeing the Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, going back home and meeting his parents, watching how his mother is tearing and hugging him, linking this scene to the scene of Fares Oudeh’s mother carrying his shirt that is still covered with blood, Fares, the young kid who stood facing a tank with his body, and a rock in hand, I focus well checking Gilad’s mother face expressions while she’s drawing a wide smile, a smile of the mother who waited her son for years, till he’s back, ending the torture she was in..

Opening my facebook account, leads me directly back to the photos of Ahmad Saadat, Marwan El-Barghouthi and many other hostages whom are facing the prison, the prisoner and the whole world who’s ignoring them, by an empty stomach’s, starving for dignity, a dignity that our leaders sold, inorder to keep their chairs and pass it to their sons after them, forgetting that, like Saadat, their’re many others being hurt daily, mothers crying every night dreaming about the moment they meet their sons and daughters, children smiling when someone mentions their dad, smiling as in being proud of that dad who gave his land more than anyone from those who just speaks, resists by words that covers a hidden purpose of keeping authority or protecting regime by being close to USA..

Gilad Shalit

It’s impossible for me to just watch and hear every morning and night about people being killed and jailed, while their brothers -or the ones supposed to be- are establishing new relations with Israel, supporting it more and giving  excuse for crimes made, all under the name of being Arabs against terrorism, ignoring the fact that proves Israel, their alley, as the most bloodshed country ever found on earth, I meant to write this time in english, because foreign citizens will understand me more, will support the noble aim  I’m fighting for more than the people who’re supposed to be now sending money, weapons and even putting their diplomacy under the service of those mothers crying to meet their sons, I’m writing in english, so a new Vittorio Aregoni hears and visit Gaza, to wake the sleeping minds, maybe it can change a history, that started from 63 years…the history of losing Palestine.

Yeah, Gilad is back, I won’t say our hostages are back, because their still many in prisons to get out, Gilad is back, because he got a country that paid and gave everything to get him back, Israel knows what a human mean, if we were with or against, Israel gives it’s citizens what they deserve, how many Gilad we still need to get all out? or is it easier to get new leaders who treats us as same as our enemy do? Gilad in his leaders opinion, is worth more than 1000 of arabs, as an Israeli religious man said, one Israeli, is worth the whole Arabic people, but, an Arabic leader replied, my chair is worth Palestine, and even my country with what in it.. it’s a victory to be counted for Hamas and the Palestini resistance that it, without waiting some traitors while negotiating on the price they want to sell Palestine for, and the bigger victory is forcing Israel to admit that their’s resistance not terrorists.

writing in simple english, and using a words all can understand, is just a way to reach all, not just my friends, everyone who can read…Gilad is back, and I hope..some of the Arabs dignity comes back as well.


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