Don’t Blame MTV!

Posted: أكتوبر 20, 2011 by Ahmad M. Yassine in غير مصنف
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Ahmad M. Yassine

  Well, as we all know and saw in the past days on Facebook, or even newspapers, the MTV is being attacked for a report that got a taste of “racism”, and which lights out the problem (as the people said) caused by foreign occupying Burj Hammoud every Sat and Sunday, and the actions they make, troubles the produce, added to conflicts happening because of them.


  who watches the report for the first time, goes angry and feels a speech that takes us back centuries behind, carrying hatred and discrimination till reaching racism even, but who checks it again, find himself facing the typical Lebanese citizen, who treats himself as if he’s a special god that was meant to be on earth, fixing it and creating new features of day life, the Lebanese who’s proud that he got more than 25 millions living in other countries, working, succeeding and reserving a place for their country in the fame hall, he’s the same one, who makes fun of the Egyptians, draw a world of jokes about Syrians, who takes out the Palestinians right of living as humans on his land, he’s the same one who failed till now, in changing a regime, that he doesn’t think it’s worth a try to be removed and substituted by new one, that can give him part of what he and his sons deserve.

Maid Abuse

   why to blame MTV? the channel didn’t plan for such interviews, it was on street, the ones to be blamed are the ISF, not the citizens who spoke even, because, if we accepted or not, their’s conflicts and crimes happening over there from foreign who’re living in Lebanon, stealing, killing, and even more, these things are being part of the daily life of the Lebanese living there, MTV just highlighted this problem, but using a racist speech, let’s assume that Al-Manar or NewTv made the report, would the reaction be the same? you forgot that Al-Manar and FutureTv’s were the reason of 7 May and was close to cause a civil war? are’nt we racists? few of us accept to see a black-skinned swimming with him in same pool, accept his maid sitting beside him, not on the backseat, but he’s infact treating her as some m.p or minister, or his master and he’s just a driver, do you accept to eat from a food she made? to let her sit on your table on lunch for example? when she or he want to call their parents, don’t you control their time and insult them before giving the bless of calling? few accept those things above, but let’s face it, the majority doesn’t accept or imagine even such things, it’s not MTV, it’s every single Lebanese citizen! and yes, the ISF are to be blamed, same as general security, why to keep illegal foreign in the country? why not to jail them for crimes and force them to travel back to their homelands? we blame MTV -despite it’s racist speech- and forget that the laws are being broken? we felt hurt for some words, and we didn’t see that the people who said it are random chosen Lebanese? let’s, before solving the problem with media mistakes, solve the main issue, the main conflict, which is the illegal actions made by those people the report mentioned, solve them by laws, and it’s the responsibility of ISF not any other one, MTV was just showing it to us.

  I’m not defending MTV, especially after what Jihad El-Murr made, and his public pressure on our minds to accept Israel and ones who works with it as friends and neighbors, I can’t forget when the hostages were out, that the channel said on it’s flash bar “Gilad is back to Israel”, I can’t forget that it’s the media coverage for one of the civil war criminals, Samir Geagea, but at the same time, I can’t blame it for what most of us carry in their mind and heart, for a racist society by itself, let’s solve out problems, and accept others, then attack others.



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