We can invent the Future!

Posted: مارس 1, 2013 by Ahmad M. Yassine in إسقاط النظام

   In high school, when it came to history and memorizing dates, I was a lousy student. I always wished that I have a microchip somewhere in my body where I can save all these information permanently. I mean, can you imagine yourself with a Microchip?! Back then, it only was a wish. Nowadays, it is a wild idea; a microchip inserted in the head that can send nervous messages to manipulate the body from the inside, and digital ones to create miracles on the outside.

   I think it would be amazing if future man had a microchip inserted in his brain with a code unique to him and only him; a sort of digital DNA. And twin microchips that are built in his car, home robot.. Everywhere! By this his ideas would literary move the physical world around him. Take this example: I wake up one day and desire a cup of coffee. My brain will send the message to the chip which in turn transmits a digital signal to both the coffee machine and the home robot. Minutes later, coffee is served to me in my bed. As simple as this!

  In the previous example, both the brain and the chip co-worked. Another thing about such chips is that they can take over if some shortening occurred in the brain. Memory loss, dysfunctions… the chip can replace what’s missing. It can send a nervous message to the target organ so it can continue to function properly even if the brain’s damaged. By this, we can ensure a prolonged healthy life to every human.

  Imagine certain chips are present in all our properties; cars, computers, even in our home gates. The revolution that’ll take place is enormous that knowledge of today can’t grasp. In a world rapidly transforming into a digital one, we would be able to change everything by sending digital signals from our minds, just by moving ideas inside our heads.

   One last example I wanted to give about this chip is it functioning as a portable emergency center. Whenever something wrong goes in a twin microchip, a satellite signal is sent to the main one –present in the brain- so that we can know from a distance when something goes wrong. Or when a person is faced by a certain emergency or danger, the authorities would instantly know and send help. All thanks to our new invention.

  All those who heard my idea thought that I’m crazy and I’m aiming at the impossible. However, after all, the Earth was once flat and the moon was unreachable! And history has taught me that only those who were insane enough to think that they can revolt and change the world are those who actually did it. With much more thinking and extremely very hard work, what’s now a wild idea will be a reality tomorrow. Same as all wild ideas present in history.


  1. Using telecom wireless transmission to allow quasi-telepathy capability is a brilliant idea Ahmad. Millions of ideas can derive from it especially if you can push it one step further to translate thoughts into code and code into thoughts.

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